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Clinical Director of Medical Oncology at Montefiore Medical Center


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Completed a hematology-Oncology fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. I was then Director of a medical oncology service at a large Community Oncology hospital affiliated with the Fox Chase Cancer Center. I was instrumental in putting together the Fox Chase Cancer Network. I transitioned to academic medicine and was at Memorial Sloan Kettering for several years and then recruited to be head of thoracic and head and neck oncology and Director of the Solid Tumor Service at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Most recently I was recruited to be Clinical Director at MOntefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. I continue to see patients with thoracic and head and neck cancer. I remain active in clinical trials. I an head of our OCM, Quality Assurance Programs and Via Pathway initiative.

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Jun 2011 - Present

Montefiore Medical Center

Clinical Director of Medical Oncology

Jun 2004 - Jun 2011

Mount sinai School of Medicine


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