Swapnil Parikh

VP of Product at Simon Data

New York, NY


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NYC based Product leader with experience in enterprise, saas, and machine learning related software

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Jan 2020 - Present

Simon Data

VP of Product & Design

Oversee product management, product design, product marketing and operations functions.

Jan 2020 - Present

Parameter Ventures


Parameter Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm specializing in early stage enterprise investments. In my capacity as partner, I focus on finding, funding, and accelerating breakthrough products primarily at the seed stage.

2017 - Present

hitRECord.org LLC


Advisor on Product Management, Design, and Monetization


2017 - 2020


VP of Product & Engineering

In my role as VP of Product - I led all of Engineering, Product Design, Product Management, and Quality Assurance. During my time at HyperScience, I helped ideate, design and deliver the enterprise version of the software suite to over 20+ customers. I also assisted with fundraising leading up to the company's Series B ($30M) and Series C ($60M)


2016 - 2017


Lead Product Manager

Addepar is an investment management technology company that empowers investors and advisors to navigate the increasingly complex world of finance. Our team is re-imagining and fundamentally improving how technology delivers integrity, transparency, and impact to the growing complexities of one of the world's largest industries.


2015 - 2016


Early Product Team

Came in as the 1st product hire and was the 5th employee of the company. Focused on Growth, Customer Acquisition and Mobile Products. Led product development for: - Sell Your Car Mobile Web Application - Sell Your Car iOS Dealer App - Sell Your Car Android Dealer App


2013 - 2015


Product Manager

Initial Product Manager that focused on Monetization and Growth Products Led Product Development within Monetization for: - Native Sponsored App Install Ads - Native Sponsored Mobile Ads - Native Sponsored Autoplay Video Ads - Yahoo Gemini Integrations - Yahoo / Tumblr Homepage Ads - Advertiser Experience (Advertiser Analytics and Ad Creation Tools) - Internal Monitoring Tools - Ad Server mythologies and infrastructure - Tumblr Specific Targeting Capabilities - Managed Ad Inventory Supply and Demand for Finance Teams Led Product Development within Growth for: - On-boarding Experience with Recommended Content - Marketing Push Notifications


2011 - 2013

BNP Paribas

Fixed Income Sales and Trading Analyst

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