Theodore Brockman

Software Engineer at Earnin

San Francisco, CA

How does this work?

I like solving complex problems with simple, user-friendly solutions. I'm not above solving simple problems with simple solutions either.

Work experience

Mar 2019 - Present


Software Engineer

- Lead a project to refactor application referral process, after taking over service ownership and discovering current systems dependency on advertising IDs, and the unavailability of IDFA on iOS 14.5. Contributions included full backend system design and implementation. - Built a Slack application for co-workers to show each other their appreciation through coin emojis, dubbed "Earnin coin", which went viral internally. Included a weekly leaderboard to celebrate high coin earners and is consistently touted as making employees feel better about giving and receiving help. - Created an in-house Python tool for "short-term" improvements (still being used almost a year later) to deployments and monitoring of our main monolith (as well as other legacy C# applications), while deploying and configuring a Spinnaker cluster, with the end goal of modernizing and consolidating our deployment pipelines. Audited and improved critical legacy testing, development, and production infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines. - Developed a tool for improving application development and management, features included cataloging of internal applications, automated credential provisioning (ex. AWS, private package registries, etc.) for Docker builds and executions, configured by easy-to-read YAML, with the CLI and API written in Python, integrated with GitHub, backed by a PostgreSQL database. - Built a custom Dependabot instance for keeping private internal packages up to date, also added the ability to group multiple dependency updates into single PRs (two features not yet supported natively by Github). - Reduced average login times of our main application by ~300ms - Discovered source of ~20ms per request latency present in all backend microservices, and then worked on a team benchmarking replacements for the responsible components. - Built a notification system which audited access logs for any reads to internal employee data


Nov 2018 - Mar 2019

Brockman Consulting Inc.

Full Stack Engineer

- Contract software development work, built an automated job-dispatching application for an industry and oil-field safety services company using a React front-end (hosted in S3, delivered by CloudFront) and Node.js back-end (ElasticBeanstalk)

Jan 2015 - Mar 2016

Microquest Inc.

Junior Software Developer

- Worked on a tiny team of software developers and QA personnel to create a health care-related chat application, with the aim of facilitating the secure sharing of patient information between both clinics and physicians within Canada. AngularJS front-end with a Node.js back-end, hosted on-premise. - Built UI, storage, chat, and querying features


2010 - 2017

University of Alberta

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