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Director Of Business Development at Allyx Therapeutics


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Jun 2019 - Present

Allyx Therapeutics

Director Of Business Development


May 2018 - Present

Yale University

Blavatnik Fellow

Entrepreneur assisting faculty and Yale's Office of Cooperative Research in planning out the launch of new biotechnology ventures. This role has highlighted many essential analytical skills including assessments of the technology, IP positioning, competitive landscape and market. In addition, I have developed excellent interpersonal relationships with entrepreneurially minded Yale faculty across the university's life science ecosystem as well as connections with many life science investors. Have helped lay the foundation for numerous new ventures to spin out of Yale in 2019.


Jan 2016 - May 2018

Ra Pharmaceuticals

Scientist I

Project leader guiding early pipeline projects from hit discovery to lead identification in the field of both peptides and small molecules. As project leader, communicated progress to senior management and analyzed competitive landscape of therapeutic targets to help inform target product profile. Experience in both peptide and small molecule medicinal chemistry, as lead chemist for multiple projects. Developed strong communication skills across diverse teams of scientists across the landscape of discovery as projects progressed from discovery through preclinical studies. Managed and coordinated external projects with CROs to supplement internal research efforts.


Jun 2011 - Apr 2016

Tufts University

Chemistry Graduate Student

Covering a wide spectrum of chemical biology projects, including developing a yeast direct reporter assay for transcription factor activity that can be used to screen a library of genetically encoded cyclic peptides for inhibitors. Design and expression of cyclic proteins allowing for the increased stability of therapeutic biologic drugs. Analysis of protein-protein interactions to identify loop regions at interfaces that mediate complex formation. Subsequent design of cyclic peptides that mimic the variety of loop and turn architectures commonly found at protein interfaces for the development of protein-protein interaction inhibitors.


Sep 2008 - May 2010

Boston College

Undergraduate Researcher

Studied aspartate transcarbamoylase (ATCase), the enzyme that catalyzes the committed step in pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis. During its catalytic cycle, the protein undergoes a two state conformational change from a low activity state to a high activity state upon the binding of substrate. X-ray crystallography studies allowed for inquiry into the effect that substrate binding has on just the catalytic trimer, providing novel snapshots of the reaction mechanism. In addition to this method of analyzing protein motion using x-ray crystallography, site directed mutagenesis was used to encode a fluorescent amino acid probe into the sequence to study conformational change by fluorescence.

Jun 2009 - Aug 2009

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Discovery Chemistry Intern

Synthesized a broad spectrum of small molecule organic compounds for use as potential drugs for the treatment of cancer in the Oncology Division of Research and development. By creating a structure activity relationship study, the compounds provided valuable information aiding in a deeper understanding of target binding and substrate behavior. New opportunities for drug design and further study were opened by the synthesis of novel substrates.

Jun 2008 - Aug 2008


Medicinal Chemistry Intern

Assigned to the Alzheimer’s disease research group where a wide range of small molecule compounds were synthesized to develop a structure activity relationship for a specific class of enzyme inhibitors. The research conducted during this summer allowed the company to pursue a new avenue of potential drugs with a basis in a structure synthesized during this appointment.

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