Tom Brown

Anthropologist and chemist with interests in medical anthropology, plant medicine, and addiction treatment

San Diego, CA

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Professional Experience: anthropology, chemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience; laboratory skills in chemistry and molecular biology; field research skills (participant observation); interviewing; writing for science and social science; academic administration. I also have considerable experience with public speaking in a number of settings, including classrooms, meetings with undergraduates at UC San Diego, and many research presentations at conferences. Specialties: Cross-cultural, phenomenological, and brain state studies of altered states of consciousness from an anthropological perspective; the anthropology of religion; gender and sexuality; cross-cultural psychology and psychiatry; training for doctoral research; educational challenges for first generation college students and students from underrepresented populations

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Work experience

Mar 2010 - Present

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)


I'm currently working with MAPS on the design and protocol of an outcomes study for patients undergoing ibogaine treatment for drug dependence. We will be following clinical outcomes for patients at the Pangea Biomedics Clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. I am also currently conducting a Quality of Life study and a Life Narratives study with patients at that same clinic. These studies both began in January of 2010.


Dec 2005 - Present

University of California

Research Program Coordinator

I plan and implement the day-to-day running of the McNair Program at UCSD. The UCSD McNair Program is one of over 130 such programs in the USA, funded by the US Dept. of Education, that aim to diversify the professoriate by providing research experience and other training helpful in preparing for and gaining admission to PhD programs.


Dec 2005 - Present

University of California, San Diego

McNair Program Coordinator

Mar 2003 - Aug 2003

Research Associate

Zetetic Associates had the task of providing a 3rd party assessment of about 50 programs in San Diego County that received California's "First Five" funding for enhancing the learning fitness of children under 6 years of age. I was one of three San Diego researchers that applied an assessment model to those agencies and programs receiving the funding. This process consisted of meeting with the program officers (I was responsible for assessing 14 programs in various locatins throughout the county), facilitating meetings in which workers at all levels in the program(s) articulated the process and goals of the funded project, then creating a model for assessing the effectiveness with which the funded agency fulfilled its mission. I then met again with officers of the funded program to present this assessment model and to discuss with them ways of improving program effectiveness.

Sep 1998 - Mar 2002

Assistant Faculty

Taught the following courses: Anthropology of Conservation; Introduction to Cultural Anthopology; Anthropology of Religion


Jan 1990 - Aug 1991

University of Pennsylvania

Laboratory Technician

In the Department of Neurology, assisted with technical aspects of research into the effects of HIV on the nervous system. In a P3 laboratory setting, maintained transfected cell lines, conducted enzyme assays, investigated the effects of HIV on cell lines. Also prepared cells for fluorescent microscopy and assessed effects of experiments using fluorescence microscopy.


1991 - 2000

University of California, San Diego

PhD, Anthropology

1986 - 1988

California Institute of Technology

M.S., C.Phil., Chemistry

1982 - 1986

University of Pittsburgh

B.S., Chemistry

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