Tom Lorentzen

Chief Executive Officer at Minnesota Healthcare Network

Saint Paul, MN


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An accomplished healthcare management professional with 25+ years of senior leadership experience. LEADERSHIP - Recognized as a decisive, intuitive leader with a demonstrated ability to engage staff, develop talent and cultivate an environment of trust and loyalty. Translating this into increased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. STRATEGIC PLANNING – Known for ability to understand the big picture and manage the fine details. Recognizes success is measured by long-term outcomes and is result of disciplined analysis, insightful strategic planning and an ability to create a shared organizational vision. OPERATIONAL & FINANCIAL EXCELLENCE - Committed to operational excellence and superior financial performance through disciplined expense management, innovation and productivity improvements. INNOVATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER – Accustomed to performing against the challenging backdrop of regulatory change and the dynamic healthcare marketplace managing to an optimal balance between growth and profitability. Has a consistent track record of innovation and quantifiable results. MARKETING - A passion for marketing and promoting practices by integrating traditional marketing with online and social media marketing. Has developed specialized expertise in brand development and promotion. COMMUNICATION – Recognized for ability to build relationships by being an empathetic listener and thoughtful communicator. Excellent presentation and negotiation skills with the ability to deliver content in a form and format that the audience requires. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS & REPORTING – Provides oversight of the financial and accounting functions. Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure the fiduciary responsibility of the Board of Directors. ETHICAL LEADERSHIP – Recognized as a high integrity leader who fosters organizational ethics by being trustworthy, respectful and fair. Leads by example, consistent in words and actions.

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Work experience

Nov 2016 - Present

Minnesota Healthcare Network

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, responsible for providing overall leadership, network administration, and financial management of a federation of independent clinics throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Essential Functions: ❖Organizational Management ❖ Network Development and Management ❖ Branding & Social Media Marketing Strategy ❖ Plan Relationships ❖ Care Management

Jan 2015 - Apr 2016

Central Pediatrics & Priority Pediatrics


As Administrator, responsible for providing overall leadership, growth administration, financial management, and performance of all aspects of clinic operations and activities to ensure accomplishment of its objectives. Essential Functions: ❖ Strategic Planning & Implementation ❖ Business Development ❖ Policy Development ❖ Recruitment & Retention ❖ Branding & Social Media Marketing Strategy ❖ Financial Planning & Reporting ❖ Contract Strategic Planning ❖ Leadership Development ❖ Process Improvement

2012 - Aug 2014

Strategic Business Partner

Healthcare Managment Consultant

Strategic Business Partner was an independent consulting firm specializing in healthcare administration in the Twin City Metro Area of Minnesota. I provided consulting to medical group practices, hospitals, insurers and accountable care organizations. In August 2014 discontinued consulting practice to focus on securing a healthcare leadership position. Principal areas of expertise: ❖ Business Development ❖ Strategic Planning ❖ Marketing ❖ Operational Assessments ❖ Contract Strategic Planning ❖ Contract Negotiations Select Achievements: ❖ Acquired two clients in the first 30 days of operations. ❖ Assisted a client in developing and implementing a contracting strategy resulting in a 15% increase in reimbursement and a 10% increase in market penetration. ❖ Provided a marketing assessment and assisted client in revising marketing program resulting in an 18% savings while maintaining reach and new patient contacts.

2004 - 2011

Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates, DBA St. Paul Lung Clinic

Chief Executive Officer

As Administrator and then CEO, responsible for leading, managing, and guiding the strategic direction of a premier medical specialty group. Directed the growth of the organization from four physicians and a single entity to 17 physicians, 8 ancillary providers with multiple clinic sites and four subsidiary partnerships. Managed day-to-day operations through a team of administrative leads with general oversight of a staff of 120 employees. Led the Board of Directors effort to develop a clear corporate vision and maintain a dynamic strategic plan. Responsible for implementation of the strategic plan, establishing goals and employee engagement. Partnered with the Medical Director to manage the recruitment and retention of physician and ancillary providers. As CEO, I was responsible for: ❖ Strategic Planning & Implementation ❖ Business Development ❖ Branding & Social Media Marketing Strategy ❖ Financial Planning & Reporting ❖ Contract Strategic Planning ❖ Leadership Development ❖ Process Improvement Select Achievements ❖ Conceptualized and led the implementation of an innovative ICU management service line resulting in incremental annual revenue of $3.2M and improved quality of ICU care and service. ❖ Partnered with physician and ancillary providers to enhance patient care and service through patient centric quality improvement projects and clinical initiatives resulting in a 10% increase in productivity and an 18% improvement in reported patient satisfaction. ❖ Developed and managed an integrated brand identity program for traditional marketing, online marketing and social media creating a cohesive brand and significantly improved brand recognition and marketability. ❖ Was a lead partner in the development of the Nasseff Specialty Center. By acquiring prospective tenants and long-term prospective leases, created enough value to allow the development of the 120,000 sq. ft. medical facility with no capital contribution from the partnership.

1987 - 2004

Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates, DBA St. Paul Lung Clinic


Responsible for managing day-to-day operations, forecasting and financial planning. Worked collaboratively with the Board of Directors on strategic planning with primary responsibility for implementation and organizational development. Assisted physician leadership with physician and ancillary provider recruitment and retention. Provided human resources leadership and direction. Select Achievements: ❖ Provided all aspects of project management for two new clinic facilities including budgeting, space planning, design, bid process, construction, way-finding/signage and move management. ❖ Managed the conversion of the practice management software and the digitization of medical and business records. Led all aspects of needs assessment, request for proposal (RFP), product evaluation and selection, and data migration. ❖ Led the development and implementation of a fully integrated sleep medicine service line including sleep laboratories, in-home and remote diagnostics, and durable medical equipment, resulting in annual revenues of $3.6M.

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