Tyler Lastovich

Founder at Lastly Studios

Rice Lake, WI

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Technical strategist and computer engineer focused on building complex systems that simplify information. I now spend the majority of my time on AI strategy and product development. Specifically, I have experience in synthetic media (GANs), NLP (transformers, incl. GPT-3), and financial markets (sentiment analysis). I keep up with the latest in AI/ML advances and have professional experience in supercomputing. • Top 25 Maker on Product Hunt, Maker of the Year Nominee 2020 (30+ products launched) • Beta tester of 100+ applications • Deep understanding of AI-generated content, including ethical and legal concerns • Full-stack product development experience: concept, development, marketing, sales

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Generative media
Artificial Intelligence Software
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software
Social investing applications
Google Colaboratory
OpenAI GPT-3
Generated Photos
Generative Adversarial Networks
Virtual Personas
Synthetic Data
Synthetic humans
Product Hunt
Creator economy
AI Transformer
Sentiment analysis
Psychedelic investing
Product launch
Work experience

Jun 2020 - Present

Invest Like the Rest


Bringing understandable investment research to the modern web. Featuring a prosumer curation platform simplifying complex concepts using common sense and custom machine-learning.


Jan 2019 - Present

Lastly Studios


Product studio combining creativity with emerging technology. Specific verticals for synthetic media, metaverse, and investing are currently being explored.


Oct 2019 - Mar 2021


Vice President, Strategy

Focused on extending the market authority of Icons8, a graphics and software company loved by 800k users. Specifically, I have helped craft new releases such as an enterprise-ready API suite, creative AI tools, combinatorial imagery & emoji, and a full-featured vector graphics application.

Sep 2019 - Mar 2021

Generated Media

Head of Strategy

Creating commercial-ready media with generative adversarial networks. Fast becoming the leading player in the new field of creative machine learning with millions of images generated and an easy to use production API. Product Hunt AI/ML Product of the Year medalist.


Jul 2016 - Dec 2018

Put Simply Inc.


Design and development of a beautiful, open platform to connect real people with useful information. Moonshot content discovery engine to push users into the post-search era.


Feb 2014 - Aug 2016

Cray Inc.

Software Engineer

Led a small test team working as part of an OpenStack cloud platform group targeting high-performance bare-metal deployments. Designed and implemented a continuous integration infrastructure used to produce consistent development environments and validate OpenStack development efforts. Involved in multiple project management activities and initiatives such as project planning, task definition, budgeting, leading meetings, interviewing, and git coding and review standards.

Jan 2014 - Dec 2015

Prettysoon Labs


Formed to do contract design and product development work. While operating Prettysoon I successfully completed multiple contracts relating to new marketing technologies, including embedded systems and augmented reality advertisements.

May 2013 - Oct 2014

Mobile AnalytiQ LLC

Co-Founder, Lead Developer


2011 - 2013

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

2009 - 2011

The University of North Dakota

Pursued a double major in Electrical Engineering and Economics

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