Vitaly Arzumanyan

Product manager

Moscow, RU


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Product manager with a strong technical background and FinTech experience Launched several products at Tinkoff and Vivid Money as a product/project manager, including the mobile banking app for Tinkoff Business Pushed process improvement culture based on Agile mindset

Work experience

Oct 2019 - Sep 2020

Vivid Money

IT Product Manager

Technical product manager Was part of the product team launching the whole mobile bank product from scratch. Was responsible for core mobile platform functionality that includes: user profile, transactions feed, available products (main) screen, app release infrastructure Launched Customer Care chat. Led product development and creation of all customer-facing and back-office technical environment for it in just 2 months from scratch. Hired and led (formed) the cross-functional team of 12 people Set up product development process for the whole app including release cycles and beta-testing (over 200 participants) Various different activities, including setting up the website development process and app translation with an agency

Apr 2017 - Oct 2019

Project manager, Tinkoff business, Non-financial services

Managed projects for two partner's products, one is successfully finished, the second was committed not having enough quality for Tinkoff Set up the whole team from 1 to 12 people and from 1 partner product to 3 internally developer products Created a platform for fast testing partners with a small team, launched 5 products during 2018, and one of them is recognized as a successful product Also during this stage as an internal side-project I've created and manager a learning course for junior product managers, starting from a set of lectures and homeworks fror new employees, then switched to a learning course for people outside the company, and supported it's transition from offline to online format.

Apr 2015 - Mar 2017

Mobile Product Manager, Tinkoff Business

* Set up the team which launched and developed the mobile banking app for business in 2015-2017 (, * Our app was ranked top-1 by functionality and UX in 2016 * Pushed the process improvement culture in TInkoff Business, later spreading to the whole organization

Apr 2013 - Apr 2015

Тинькофф Банк

IT Business Analyst

Created the first online monitoring system for business metrics

Aug 2012 - Apr 2013

Itscan, ltd

Deployment Coordinator

The system was adopted for the customer, customer's business processes were described, the system was deployed and launched by myself; also employees were trained (system administrator, warehouse manager and warehouse workers) for two clients: - FMCG retailer in Yakutsk - manufacturer of larger steel products, Cheboksary

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