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May 2020 - Present


Engineering Manager


Aug 2019 - Feb 2020


Senior engineering leader

● Delivered several key features such as One day payroll, 2020 W4 and tax calculations, Incoming WIRE automation, ACH reversal automation, Plaid integration etc. ● Implemented POC for instant debit card payment ● Design and developed bank ledger audit to ensure tracking of payroll funds with banking partner ● Helped coordinate among distributed teams, providing oversight and handle communication with several vendors and partners ● Helped with customer support and sales as the product adoption grew rapidly

Aug 2019 - Feb 2020



Blockchain advisor to CEO

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019


Senior Director Of Engineering, Blockchain & Infrastructure

Jul 2018 - Feb 2019


Director Of Engineering, Blockchain

● Build and led multiple teams of architects and engineers across multiple locations ● Architect and design crypto trading platform with streaming rates and blockchain integration ● Designed blockchain resync protocol and private key protection using symmetric encryption ● Helped improve blockchain transaction performance and reduce latency ● Implemented POC for virtual custodian using Ethereum smart contracts ● Helped improve reliability, scalability, security and monitoring of the platform ● Helped improve devops automation for CICD ● Designed and implemented Docker-ization of services and registry management


Aug 2015 - Jun 2018


Senior Software Engineering Manager

● Cyan was acquired by Ciena in Aug 2015 and my role was expanded ● Managed, mentored and trained distributed team of senior engineers ● Helped define strategy for Network automation for Blue Planet Orchestration solution ● Successfully delivered first live deployment of L1 and L2 service automation solution that spanned multiple device types across multiple vendors ● Led the development, launch and support for multiple product release and customized solutions ● Worked with cross functional teams including executive, product management, customer success and product support team to deliver elegant and reliable solution ● Designed, developed and integrated generic PCE, Topology and other network components


Jan 2010 - Sep 2017

Asha for Education

project coordinator/project steward

Volunteered with the Asha for Education Silicon valley chapter for many years. Served in different capacities from project steward to project coordinator. Also helped organize various fund raising and awareness events.


Oct 2016 - Mar 2017


Co-Founder & CTO

● Co-founded Journi with three other partners as a side project. ● Journi's mission was to help senior citizens which is one of the fastest growing segments and often suffers from isolation. Our goal was to provide transportation services and community activities specifically targeted towards senior citizens and served by employees trained with elder care. ● Built the website, initial version for the dispatch system and integrated with a service partner. ● Unfortunately the project was not able to get enough traction and struggled to raise funds. So we discontinued.


Dec 2012 - Aug 2015

Cyan inc

Software Engineering Manager

● Designed and developed Cyan’s innovative Network Management and SDN platform ● Architected MPLS-TP and Pseudowire network management solution and successfully led the project on a tight schedule with the team spread across four locations ● Designed and developed hop-by-hop routing for TESIs while working directly with customers ● Designed and implemented a creative multi-domain TESIs solution for fragmentation of services over multiple domains, making networks more efficient and scalable ● Developed NNI/UNI Ethernet subrings protection and cut-in/cut-out operation for PBB-TE


Apr 2011 - Dec 2012

Juniper Networks

software engineer IV

● Worked on Stratus fabric controller that formed an important component for the QFabric data center solution ● Designed and developed Virtual-node solution that enabled users to integrate MX series routers with QFabric ● Implemented user configured vlan-domains feature. Local and global vlan domain concept helped overcome 12 bit L2 domain is limitation


Mar 2008 - Apr 2011

Fujitsu Network Communications

software engineer III

● Collaborated with multiple teams to deliver routing and connection management features for network management and planning software suites ● Implemented several key features for Network Management Software such as DWDM Broadcast discovery, bandwidth capacity reports, Time slot modification for cross connections to support de-fragmentation of bandwidth etc ● Implemented Force Based algorithm support to enhance network layouts on UI ● Designed and implemented anywhere to anywhere reachability matrix using K-shortest algorithm for Network Planning Software that helped optimize DWDM networks


Jan 2006 - Jan 2008


Member of Technical staff

● Joined Infinera when it was still a start up and made key contributions to network management suite of software ● Designed and implemented EMS import feature for Network Planning suite that helped optimize existing networks and plan future demands. ● Implemented TMF defined gateway corba interface for Operation Support System and added support for entire gamut of Infinera devices and services


Aug 2003 - Jan 2006


software engineer II

● Implemented several equipment provisioning features for Cisco Transport Manager ● Developed provisioning support for new optical nodes and line cards such as 15310 Metro Access Network Element, CTX_2500, DS1_84_DS3_EC1_3, DS1_28_DS3_EC ● Enhanced the system design to support new pluggable port modules ● Designed and developed port state coloring feature

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