Wayne Jin

Manager, Business Strategy Asia Pacific

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APPROACH: I leverage my technical aptitude to look at problems critically, analyze gaps, and develop effective solutions. I design innovative corporate strategies that drive business forward. My experience leading and training diverse teams has helped me develop myself into an excellent employee relationship manager. REVENUE-CYLCE MANAGEMENT: I boost revenue generation by analyzing and streamlining processes. I use my IT skills to create automated applications that improve work efficiency and data accuracy. ♦ I generated over $1B in revenue for 25 non-profit hospitals at Accretive Health by streamlining their billing processes and making sure they were being correctly reimbursed by insurance companies. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: I leverage my research skills to gauge market size, market needs, and competitor strategies. I use this information to generate strategic plans of action and work closely with senior management to see the plans through. ♦ I laid the groundwork for establishing a futures market for Liquid Natural Gas in Japan by conducting in-depth research on Japan’s financial structure and communicating the results to senior leadership at CME Group. MARKETING MANAGEMENT: I conduct in-depth analysis of all aspects of the target market, lead needs analysis, create effective marketing strategies, and use them to boost business. ♦ I generated $8-10M of new business per year at CERNET by analyzing the market and maximizing on opportunities. ✉ I believe in exceeding expectations, not just meeting them. If you are looking for a seasoned Corporate Strategy Advisor who will take your business to the next level, shoot me an email at wjin1@chicagobooth.edu.

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Oct 2016 - Present

TD Ameritrade

Business Strategy Manager, Asia Pacific


Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

Carnival Cruise Line

Strategic Pricing Manager

Carnival Cruise Line is a $16 billion leading cruise line operator with 100 ships providing global service ♦ Develop pricing sensitivity tests for profitability models utilizing financial analyses and customer feedback; communicate results to senior management ♦ Develop methods to operationalize the outcomes from price model testing by gaining agreements from both senior management and business partners; resulted in $24M gain in revenue

Sep 2014 - Oct 2016

CERNET Education Development Co., Ltd.

International Business Development Manager

CERNET is China’s only online learning platform. Conducted market needs analysis, developed effective marketing strategies, communicated with clients to foster long-term business alliances, visited universities, and aided in curriculum development. ♦ Developed and taught an online course on “Western Financial Systems,” attended by 1000 students.


Apr 2014 - Sep 2014

CME Group

MBA Intern - Corporate Strategy

CME Group is a leading derivatives marketplace. Conducted research on local and international business trends. Created marketing reports and researched competitor strategies. Compiled discussion notes for high level meetings. ♦ Increased efficiency of board meetings by leading a cross-functional team to design effective discussion frameworks for senior management, steering focus towards important discussion points.

Apr 2013 - Apr 2014

Accretive Health

Sr. Financial Quality Lead

Accretive Health is a $1B revenue cycle management service provider to healthcare facilities. Conducted financial analysis and regression QA testing on insurance models. Streamlined processes and created financial reports. ♦ Increased client revenue by $20M by identifying risks and suggesting mitigating processes to CFO and Operation Leads. ♦ Increased reporting efficiency by 80% by creating an automated application that keeps updating process progress periodically, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

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