How Office Hours helps Brex better understand the voice of the customer

January 8, 2024
Office Hours


Brex, the AI-spend platform, has been at the forefront of innovation in the financial sector for the past five years, providing global corporate cards, expense management, travel and payments for every stage of growth, from startups to enterprise. Art Levy, Chief Strategy Officer at Brex, shares his experiences working with the Office Hours team.


Connecting with Diverse Customer Personas

As Brex expanded who it serves and its product suite, they needed to engage with prospective customers beyond their initial customer persona. The challenge was reaching out to individuals unfamiliar with Brex and understanding their unique perspectives. This demanded a streamlined approach to connect with net new customers quickly and effectively.

Office Hours helps us get in touch with net new customer personas that otherwise would be difficult or time-consuming to reach" —Art Levy, Chief Strategy Officer, Brex


Levy commends the Office Hours team, led by Andrew Sommer, for their responsiveness, which combined with the product itself, enabled his team to meet and extract insights from a diverse set of personas at high velocity. The platform's unique model also aligns incentives for Brex, providing access to in-network experts and allowing for cost-effective engagement with out-of-network experts as well.

One feature highlighted by Levy is the encouragement of collaboration with experts off the platform. Unlike competitors, Office Hours not only allows but facilitates offline collaboration,  enabling Brex to tap into new relationships and maintain them.


Accelerating Insights and Market Understanding

With Office Hours, Brex has been able to successfully connect with prospects outside its initial customer persona,  gaining insights into new customer personas at scale.

Levy recalls that Office Hours significantly expedited a research initiative he led last year, allowing him to engage with 30 financial controllers from enterprise companies in a matter of weeks rather than months. The platform, in Levy's words, "lowers the barrier to finding the truth", providing Brex with an edge in understanding customer pain points.

The platform is now being used by other functional teams at Brex, including Product, and Marketing.

Future outlook

Enhancing Brex’s Understanding of Customer Voice

As Brex continues to evolve and expand its offerings, Levy sees Office Hours as a key ally in understanding the voice of the next customer they aim to serve. The platform's collaborative approach, quick access to diverse insights, and efficient networking capabilities make it a useful tool.

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