Arc + Office Hours: Helping founders accelerate their growth

June 13, 2023
Office Hours

Startups face numerous challenges in the early stages, but two factors play a crucial role in determining their success: access to cash and expertise.

Recognizing this, Office Hours and Arc have joined forces to provide Arc customers with on-demand access to thousands of subject matter experts in the software and technology space.

What’s the offer?

Arc customers will receive a $500 booking credit* and a complementary onboarding session with our team. The booking credit will be automatically applied after a consultation has been booked. To learn more and sign up, please visit:

*Terms apply: Limit one (1) booking credit per company. Companies must sign up via the Arc Partner Rewards portal to be eligible. Offer only available to new Office Hours customers.

How to maximize the value of your credit

With the $500 booking credit from Office Hours, startups can explore various avenues to enhance their growth and development. Here are a few examples of how startups leverage Office Hours to get ahead:

  1. Customer persona interviews: Startups can leverage this credit to interview ideal customer personas, seeking valuable product feedback and refining their sales pitches. By gaining insights directly from potential customers, startups can refine their offerings and align them more effectively with market demands. Many of these experts actually go on to become customers of our startup clients.
  2. New market or product validation: The credit can be used to conduct interviews with target buyers in different verticals, allowing startups to pressure-test new markets. This strategy helps identify potential opportunities and challenges in different sectors, helping startups make more informed decisions when considering new verticals.
  3. Competitive intelligence research: To stay ahead of the competition, startups can utilize the credit to interview customers of competing products. Understanding customers' experiences and preferences provides valuable insights for improving their own offerings and delivering a better overall customer experience.
  4. Access to functional expertise: By tapping into Office Hours' extensive network of experts, startups can arrange interviews with industry professionals to help get smart on new topics, standup new functions, research new software tools, and so much more.

For more information about how startups leverage our network, you can read more here.

Claim your credit to accelerate your progress

If you're an Arc customer, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to access a network of experts and propel your startup's progress:

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