Advisor spotlight: How AI is transforming marketing

June 5, 2023
Office Hours

AI is rapidly impacting nearly every industry and function, and most professionals have questions about how the technology will impact their corner of the working world.

In this series, we explore how AI is impacting specific functions, who the technology will benefit most, and how to best position yourself or your company to take advantage of it. In our last post, we explored how AI is impacting the field of business intelligence.

In our most recent entry, Ryan Narod, Head of Marketing at Mutiny provides his perspective on how AI is impacting the marketing and marketing technology.

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How is AI transforming the marketing field?

"Generative AI started as a general-purpose copywriting assistant, and has become an integrated tool in marketers' workflows. It now assists in writing website code with Mutiny, suggests ad copy in AdWords, and even creates project plans in platforms like Notion. By using generative AI in context, marketers save time and focus on the things that matter."

Who will benefit most from these innovations?

"It's no secret that every MarTech tool wants to integrate AI into their application. Some are sprinting to bolt on a chatbot, just so they can say they have it, and some are really thinking through how to best integrate it into core user workflows.

We're going to start to see a tale of two cities emerge in MarTech, and therefore a greater distance between the marketers who use these tools [and those who don't]. Legacy tools will add a novelty chatbot, and their users will never see the true benefit of AI, and modern MarTech tools will continue to innovate with AI in all the right ways, making their users more productive, creative, and successful."

What are common concerns, reservations, or misconceptions you have observed when it comes to the adoption of emerging AI-based technologies?

"The most common concern I've heard is that if everyone is using generative AI, all copy and creative will start to look the same. And while that's certainly going to be the case for mass-generated content, the role of marketers is evolving to prompt AI with the right inputs.

If you take a step back and think about the best Super Bowl ads you've seen...what makes them great is an amazing creative brief. At the end of the day, big brands hire creative agencies to produce those ads, and the difference between a great ad and one that falls flat, is a brief that clearly articulates things like user insights and brand voice.

Prompting AI is going to be the same as writing a good brief - it's not about the mechanics of the prompt, it's about uncovering meaningful insights, which is not trivial."

How is Mutiny positioning itself for the future of AI?

"At Mutiny, we're on a mission to make everyone good at Growth. Today, in the face of budget cuts and a down economy, the biggest opportunity that marketing teams have is to make their website work harder for them. Historically, the way they've done that is to beg for help from engineering teams. But we've made that easier with a no-code editor that helps them build and test custom-tailored experiences for every visitor. These experiences help companies like Snowflake, Attentive, and ClickUp, increase conversions by up to 60%.

Mutiny has been powered by generative AI since day one, powering recommendations and copy generation, and recent advances in the technology are taking these capabilities to the next level."

What excites you most about the future of AI in the marketing space?

"I'm excited for marketing to go back to what it was - creative and fun! Somehow between the Mad Men era and now, marketing got complicated and technical. And between all our tools, systems, and processes, we lost the art of what makes a marketing campaign special: deep user understanding coupled with a breakthrough insight.

I think AI is going to remove all the boring, tedious parts of marketing, so we can finally have fun again and create campaigns that capture hearts and minds."

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