How to Optimize Your Office Hours Profile

January 11, 2021
Headshot of Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds

Companies all over the world are looking for your specialized expertise to make more informed product decisions, develop new technologies, and choose smarter investments. How can you increase the chances of getting matched with the right consulting opportunities?

1. Complete your bio

You bio should provide a concise overview of your background, so viewers know exactly what to reach out to you for. Here are a few prompts to help get you started:

  • What problems have I solved in the past that others might face today? 
  • What unique experiences do I have to share?
  • What topics do I enjoy talking about?

2. Add 10-15 knowledge tags

Knowledge tags help to narrow your expertise and make your profile more easily searchable. Add 10-15 tags that highlight the tools, technologies, and specialties that you have experience with. This includes:

  • Software you have used or evaluated
  • Healthcare specialties
  • Industry specific topics (e.g. cryptocurrency, cloud security, machine learning)

3. Set your profile to public

Setting your profile to public increases your potential reach by allowing companies outside of Office Hours to view your profile and request your time. Share your profile link in your LinkedIn bio, social media platforms, and personal website to start driving views to your page. You never know who might be looking to learn from you!

Have questions about your profile? Email us at and a member of our team can help you review.

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