In-app video & screen sharing

June 8, 2023
Office Hours

Office Hours is on a mission to help everyone realize the value of what they know. To do that, we're hard at work building the world's most advanced expert network platform for VC firms, consulting firms, and startups.

Out with the old, in with the new

Historically, the vast majority of expert consultations have been conducted using a standard telephone dial-in conference bridge. Not only is this inflexible in today's age of hyperconnectivity, but it also means the value of these consultations is not being fully realized.

At Office Hours, we decided to build our own in-app videoconferencing and screen-sharing solution, specifically tailored to the needs of our customers (investors, consultants, and startups) and our growing network of world-class knowledge professionals.

Here's what our customers tell us they love most about this aspect of our product:

More trust = more valuable conversations

Face-to-face interactions have the power to create a more personal and engaging interview experience. This helps both parties build trust in each other — a crucial element in a worthwhile knowledge-sharing exchange. Clients and advisors seeing each other's facial expressions and body language adds depth and clarity to the conversation, making it more effective than a traditional phone interview.

Connect with advisors around the world — no matter where you are

Especially in the age of remote work, ease of connection is critical. Unlike many competitive platforms, a Wi-Fi connection is all both parties need to join expert consultations via Office Hours. We have clients and experts living in and traveling to different countries all over the world, and with our platform, they never miss a beat.

Collaborate using visuals in real-time

Especially for our startup clients, the ability to share their product or ideas for live feedback is invaluable — so much so that advisors are often interested in a real demo of the product after the consultation. And for consulting firms, gone are the days of sending an expert a "pre-read". Teams can now simply share documents with advisors during the conversation.

Built with compliance & privacy in mind

We recognize that certain consultations are sensitive, especially for many of the investment firms that use our platform. That's why we support "incognito mode" in our video experience. This allows clients to blind their identity and hide their video feed to ensure anonymity is maintained. In addition to incognito mode, we also offer compliance officers the ability to chaperone conversations in "stealth mode" to ensure consultations are being conducted properly by their team.

Powerful recordings & transcripts

Clients have the option to record the audio of their consultations and generate a high-quality transcript that can be reviewed and revisited by themselves and their teams going forward. This helps teams retain the knowledge they're accessing and ensure insights learned during the call will remain accessible to a wider audience.

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