“Can I meet qualified sales leads on Office Hours?”

May 16, 2023
Office Hours

Booking your target buyer on Office Hours is a great way to get highly valuable feedback on your product. Given the size of our advisor network, our proprietary knowledge graph, and our world-class client services team, we are uniquely able to match you with the exact decision maker for your product.

Advisors don't join our platform to be sold to. They join to earn money, keep up with trends, discover new tools, and discuss emerging best practices within their industry (e.g. how generative AI is impacting their sector). 

That said, we've found that if your product seems interesting and valuable enough, some advisors are interested in trialing or purchasing it.

If that happens to you, that’s fantastic! Our team can help you navigate this situation if it arises. If the advisor expresses interest in your product, contact us here. Our compliance team will work with both parties to off-board the relationship from Office Hours so you can keep the commercial conversation moving. 

So, acknowledging that the advisor providing feedback might be a potential lead for you in the future, how can you make sure to put your best foot forward without turning your call into a sales pitch?

Define your goals

A successful Office Hours conversation requires focus. Having an initial plan helps you stay on track and facilitates a mutually beneficial discussion.

Ask yourself, "What do I aim to achieve from this conversation?" Your goal should not be to “sell” your product. 

A more productive goal is to elicit genuine, unvarnished feedback from the advisor to determine if the product you’re building actually solves a problem for them.

Develop an authentic connection

Spend time getting to know the advisor from a professional perspective, and focus on trying to understand their current challenges.

Active listening is key here—do your best to understand what motivates them. That feedback can help you refine your pitch in the future.

Here are some effective questions you can lead with: 

  1. What are your team's biggest challenges today?
  2. Can you describe your team's current workflows?
  3. What are your primary pain points related to these workflows?
  4. Insights into the inadequacies of current market solutions can be valuable, and suggestions from your advisor might become key features in your product.

Introduce your solution & seek genuine feedback

Giving the advisor a live product walkthrough using Office Hours' screen-sharing feature helps ensure you're on the same page. 

What you choose to show will depend on the conversation. You may choose to focus on the features that you believe would be most valuable to the advisor, or features that your product has which competitors don’t. 

The latter is especially useful if the advisor uses a competing product—they’ll know hands-on what you can do to stand out.

Remember! Avoid turning this into a sales pitch.

The advisor is here to provide genuine feedback on your product's viability or usefulness. Use this opportunity to understand how your product might meet or miss their needs. This engagement can spark their interest in a potential future business relationship.

Follow up!

Feel free to book another meeting if needed, and keep the advisor updated on your product's progress. Consistent updates and a focus on your achievements showcase the growth and potential of your product.

Should you ask for a referral?

A simple “who else do you think I should speak with?” can open the door to more demo calls. What’s important is that you focus on building the relationship first and proving your product’s value before discussing referrals. After all, you want to make sure your advisor speaks with the same enthusiasm about your product that you have.


Office Hours is a powerful tool to establish and nurture relationships with industry leaders who can offer valuable feedback on your product.

Keep the focus on value and feedback, and you never know where the conversation might lead. Happy knowledge sharing! 

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