Selling software to sales and revenue teams? Read this first

April 10, 2023
Office Hours

One of the most effective ways for startups to increase sales conversion is to refine their product positioning by interviewing key decision makers. Doing so allows founders and marketers to gain valuable insight into their customers’ core priorities and concerns, which helps them better position their products to address those unmet needs — essential in a crowded market segment like sales software tooling.

Basis Set Ventures recently conducted interviews on Office Hours with 25 top sales executives (from companies like Scale, Figma, and Loom) to better understand the current state of software buying in the sales and revenue space.

Getting your message through to sales and revenue leaders

There is still plenty of opportunity to make inroads in this constantly evolving segment. The study revealed that the best sales teams are agile and adaptive, embracing changes in their technology stack and consistently exploring new tools to stay ahead. More than 60% of sales leaders made significant changes to their tech stack during COVID, and over 70% identified gaps in their stack, highlighting the importance of staying on top of technological advancements.

Top sales leaders expressed unmet needs for deal acceleration, forecasting, and lead prioritization. While the market offers numerous solutions, there is still room for innovation and improvement in these areas.

The interviewed executives emphasized:

  • The need for clear proof of value when evaluating new tools
  • The importance of hands-on experience with the product
  • The importance of personal recommendations and customer case studies

Click here to read the Basis Set report in its entirety:

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