Why content and product marketers should book expert calls

April 10, 2023
Office Hours

Are you a content or product marketer searching for ways to make your content more unique and impactful? Booking industry experts on Office Hours for interviews is a fantastic way to incorporate perspectives from known industry voices outside of your company.

For example, Grata, a leading deal sourcing platform, booked several advisors on Office Hours to gain insights into M&A software preferences among corporate development directors. With the approval of the experts they spoke with, Grata then packaged these insights into a blog post titled: The M&A Software Helping Corp Devs Close Deals”.

Why should content and product marketers book expert calls?

Interviewing experts offers content and product marketers a more personalized, efficient, and in-depth method for gaining insights, making it a powerful tool to use in conjunction with traditional research methods.

  1. Access to real-world perspectives: Office Hours advisors offer first-hand experiences and insights from their work in the industry. These insights are often more relevant, practical, and up-to-date than what can be found via traditional research sources (e.g. Google, industry reports, etc.).
  2. Efficiency: Expert interviews can yield valuable information quickly, allowing product marketers to stay agile. The Office Hours platform makes finding, booking and compensating relevant advisors safe, fast, and easy.
  3. Rich qualitative data: Expert interviews can yield nuanced, in-depth information that goes beyond numbers and statistics. This qualitative data helps marketers better understand the motivations, challenges, and preferences of their target audience, which can drive more effective messaging and positioning.
  4. Networking and relationship building: Conducting expert interviews not only provides valuable insights but also helps marketers expand their professional networks. These connections can lead to future collaborations, partnerships, or even new business opportunities.

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