Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policies

We understand that things happen. Our cancellation policies are designed to balance flexibility to changes to your schedule with our commitment to a great user experience for both our advisors and customers.

If something comes up, we strongly encourage you to reschedule, rather than cancel, your call. We recommend that you send notification of potential changes in your schedule as soon as possible in order to ensure smooth rescheduling and to avoid any late fees.

  • If you cancel (rather than reschedule) within 3 hours of the scheduled call time: you owe 25% of the total cost of the call.
  • If you cancel or reschedule within 30 minutes of the scheduled call time, or do not show up for the call: you owe 100% of the total cost of the call.

For advisors:

  • If your call is canceled (rather than rescheduled) within 3 hours of the scheduled call time: you receive 25% of the normal rate for the call.

If you have any questions, please contact our team for support. Office Hours reserves the right to make adjustments to these policies as needed in our sole discretion.