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Validate product use cases by speaking with potential buyers
Speak with customers of competitive products
Develop playbooks for scaling GTM efforts
Refine your ideal customer personas
Conduct diligence on acquisition targets
Refine your pitch with founders and investors
Example questions
You have more questions than time.
Book Office Hours with top experts in tech and healthcare to make headway on your most challenging and crucial questions.
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You need real market feedback.
As you search for product-market fit or refine your go-to-market strategy, talk to potential customers to hear their feedback directly.
Examples of the types of people you can talk to on Office Hours
Great advice is hard to find.
Many have come before you. Shortcut your startup’s growth by connecting with other founders, or subject-matter experts in Product, Sales, or Marketing.
  • Fast, easy, and secure
    Consultations are confidential, secure, and backed by 24/7 customer support.
  • Unrivaled quality
    From tech CIOs to oncologists, founders to blockchain experts, our advisors can provide the insights you need to make critical decisions.
  • Startup-friendly pricing
    Sign up for free, and pay-as-you-go for all calls. No hidden fees or minimums.
Our teams book Office Hours with potential customers and industry experts to pressure-test new opportunities, generate honest market feedback, and refine the way we position our product. The on-demand nature of the platform means we can learn quickly, and the caliber of experts we’ve spoken to is impressive
Billy Marsden
Billy Marsden
Founder & COO
Our target users are specialists with a demanding work schedule. Office Hours made it 100x easier to connect to those users, and the insights we've gained were extremely formative to our strategy
Heidi Yang
Heidi Yang
Product Designer
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