Office Hours: A “cheat code” for finding product-market fit

April 14, 2023
Office Hours

In today's unpredictable macroeconomic climate, the most valuable asset a startup can possess is adaptability. Surviving the early stages requires more than just managing burn and hiring a great founding team; it demands a tenacious pursuit of product-market fit. Like a sculptor molding clay, founders must shape their startup in response to the fluctuating demands of the market.

The underlying principle is that your customers seek solutions to their problems, and it's your job as a founder to grasp the essence of their struggle. This concept is well understood, but truly understanding your customers’ needs is easier said than done.

Office Hours: A PMF “cheat code”

Startups of all stages and sizes book Office Hours with prospective customers via 30 and 60 minute knowledge-sharing consultations.

These calls aren't sales calls - they are interviews, led by founders, focused on gaining a deeper, truer understanding of your customers' needs and desires. And they allow founders to develop potentially deep, enduring relationships with the exact people who may need their product in the future.

Odds are one of our thousands advisors in technology or healthcare will meet your criteria, but if not, you can sign up for a trial of Office Hours Pro - which includes dedicated support from a team member who will source the perfect profile for you and bring them on to our platform.

Asking the right questions

As a founder, you should start by introducing yourself and your company, and explain that your aim is not to make a sale - it’s to validate whether or not the product that you’re building is something the advisor needs, or at least would be genuinely willing to pay for. Then, focus on asking them questions focused on understand the challenges they and their teams are dealing with every day:

  1. What are the most significant pain points or challenges your team is facing in this area?
  2. Can you walk me through your current process for tackling these pain points or challenges?
  3. What existing software tools or solutions do you use to address these issues? What do you like or dislike about them?
  4. If you could envision a perfect software solution for your needs, what key features would it have?
  5. How do you measure the success or effectiveness of the software tools you currently use?
  6. What are your must-have features or functionalities in a software solution for your line of work?
  7. Are there any specific integrations with other tools or software that would significantly improve your team’s workflow?
  8. How important are features X, Y or Z when selecting a software solution for your needs?
  9. What kind of support or training do you expect when implementing a new software solution in your workflow?
  10. Can I get your live feedback on our product?

What if the advisor is interested in becoming a customer?

Great! While we don't want our advisors feeling like they're being sold to on Office Hours, we understand that the advisor might legitimately have an interest in learning more about becoming a customer. If that happens, our team will work with you and the advisor to determine the appropriate next steps.

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