How To Validate Your Market Thesis

January 12, 2022
Office Hours

It's noisy out there

How will generative AI impact the legal services industry? Will traditional financial institutions commit to crypto for the long term or are they dabbling to appease their wealthiest clients? How is the shifting future of work impacting expectations for employee benefits?

How a founder or a VC answers any one of these questions drastically changes the course of their actions in business building and company picking.

At the same time, it's never been more difficult to find the signal in the noise to answer these crucial questions.

Getting to 100% clarity

Well-informed, fact-based conclusions are paramount to founders and investors as they serve as a compass for driving successful product roadmaps and picking venture-scale investments.

But if you were to answer some of these hairy questions, how would you go about it today?

You might say, secondary research, which is certainly an essential part of this diligence and conviction-building process.

But in many ways, secondary research has become the status quo, not because it yields better results, but because it's the easiest way to get to some baseline understanding.

Primary research, despite being one of the most elusive and time-intensive, oftentimes drives some of the most meaningful learnings and leads to the discovery of nuance if done right.

Moving past primary research 1.0

Despite the value it can lead to, the process for primary research today is cumbersome.

Likely, it resembles a lengthy process of reaching out to people in your network, on Linkedin, asking for intros, and pleading strangers to meet with you, or exorbitant amounts of money to have someone do it on your behalf.

Office Hours has changed that.

Primary research 2.0: Professional knowledge on-demand

We’ve curated a network of thousands of advisors, all of whom have opted into holding Office Hours because they want to leverage their hard-earned expertise to help you answer your questions.

The Office Hours platform offers users an easy way to search for knowledge, find experts with relevant experience, and organize findings to help gain perspective and build conviction.

Our experts have deep expertise and knowledge in a broad range of industries from software, fintech, web3 to digital health, oncology, market access, and more.

"Practically a cheat code"

Investigating the corporate card market? Book an advisor like Gerardo Diaz, Head of Finance/CFO at Billpocket, who has on-the-job experience vetting these solutions, or Jess Toy, Head of Product Management at AngelList Venture to understand how to build seamless KYC journeys while incorporating stablecoin payments into your offering.

Or maybe you're interested in understanding how the changing world of work is impacting employees' expectations of benefits? If so, set up time with advisors like Larissa Chirolli, Compensation & Benefits Coordinator at Gympass.

The best part is that it’s free to sign up and browse our network, and entirely pay-as-you-go. Come sign up here, and happy knowledge sharing!

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