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How does Office Hours work?

Office Hours is a knowledge-sharing platform that connects clients with advisors in specific expertise areas. Clients search for and book 30 to 60-minute calls with advisors who have the expertise and perspectives they need. Scheduling, compliance, and payment are all managed on the platform. Calls can be joined via videoconference or via phone.

Who are Office Hours' clients?

At this stage, we are primarily focused on clients in the healthcare and technology sectors. Our clients include VC and PE investors, founders, product managers, and operators from startups and Fortune 500 companies, who all share one thing in common - the need for expert perspective to inform strategic decision-making.

Who are Office Hours' advisors?

Office Hours advisors are industry and healthcare professionals who have deep expertise across a range of subject areas, roles, and technologies. This includes key decision makers evaluating and purchasing software for their companies, prescribing physicians and key opinion leaders in the healthcare space, and experts across industries like cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, logistics, and design.

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What is Material Non-Public Information (”MNPI”)?
The client requested me in incognito mode. What does that mean?

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