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  1. Startups
    May 18, 2023
    Surviving the Venture Desert: Savvy Strategies for Startups
    As the funding dries up, startups are prompted to think creatively, to pivot, adapt, and overcome. Cost-cutting measures have been the first line of defense, but there's a limit to how much you can trim. What other strategies can startups adopt to thrive in this challenging environment?
  2. Startups
    May 16, 2023
    “Can I meet qualified sales leads on Office Hours?”
    Booking your target buyer or end user on Office Hours is a great way to get feedback on your product. We’ve found that if your product seems interesting and valuable enough, some advisors are interested in trialing or purchasing it.
  3. Startups
    May 15, 2023
    Founders: Put your networking on autopilot
    Growing your network shouldn't be so hard. Instantly book time with thousands of top experts in software & tech.
  4. Startups
    April 26, 2023
    Step-by-Step: Conducting Effective Product Feedback Interviews
    Discover how booking advisors on Office Hours for product feedback interviews can help you validate and refine your product. Our step-by-step guide walks you through the process, from finding advisors to conducting interviews and implementing their valuable insights.
  5. Startups
    April 14, 2023
    Office Hours: A “cheat code” for finding product-market fit
    Book calls with your prospective customers to truly understand their needs.
  6. Startups
    April 10, 2023
    Why content and product marketers should book expert calls
    Elevate your positioning and thought leadership efforts by incorporating unique expert perspectives.
  7. Startups
    February 3, 2022
    Startup Looking For Expertise? 5 Benefits Of Using Office Hours
    How startups can get access to expert and key decision maker insights to go-to-market faster.
  8. Startups
    January 12, 2022
    How To Validate Your Market Thesis
    It's never been more difficult to find the signal in the noise.

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